Mark Feldman, Director; Diesenhaus, Jerusalem District

To be involved with AACI TRAVEL is actually a dream come true of mine. The ability to put together and implement quality Kosher travel to every corner of the world is something I am honored to be a part of it. These trips are designed for you. We know that you have a choice and when electing to join one of these trips you have my assurances that we have put months of planning on every single element.

My staff and I work incessantly with AACI to create for you a Wow experience. We aim to take you deeper and further into places you’ve only dreamed about and to create opportunities to encounter people and places you would never encounter on your own. For those repeat customers, we strive to always improve and, fine tune our tours and revise our itineraries based on feedback. We are always open for suggestions, recommendations and your input.

Mark Feldman