David London, AACI Executive Director

Welcome to our first edition of the AACI travel electronic newsletter. 

This is to keep you, our loyal AACI travelers and potential travelers, up-to-date with our new upcoming travel programs.

I love and live in Israel, and AACI is an NGO all about helping build a better and stronger Israel! However, I have learned to love and appreciate Israel even more by visiting the wondrous places and cultures that Hashem has created throughout the world.

We are fortunate to live in a time when it is possible to visit countries that were once closed to us. What’s even more fortunate is that we can travel as proud Jews, observe the laws of kashrut, have the option of daily minyanim and celebrate traditional Shabbatot together as part of our travel experience.

AACI, together with our partner Diesenhaus / BTC (Israel’s largest travel provider), offers English-speaking only tours and cruises to China, Rome, Russia, Thailand, Iceland, Italy, South America, New Zealand and Australia, the Norwegian Fjords and so many more destinations. Our tours are perfect for the observant traveler who wants to see the world. AACI plans our trips meticulously and strive to give the warmest and friendly service and amazing experiences wherever we travel.

We invite you to join us!

David London