AACI’s In-Depth Kosher Dubai & Abu Dhabi   

21 March 2022 - 29 March 2022
March 21-29, 2022 – 8 Nights / 5 Star & Luxurious Hotels!

Day 1. Tel Aviv to Dubai, Old Town, Dubai River Cruise
We meet at Ben Gurion Airport for our 3-hour flight to the Emirates (UAE). We will cross the skies flying over Saudi Arabia (maybe a future trip). Upon arrival in the UAE we will go through the entry procedures of the immigration authorities which may include corona testing and then meet our guide and bus for the duration. After a delicious, hot and fully kosher breakfast at our hotel, we will begin our exploration of Dubai.

Dubai is the largest city in the Emirates, with over 3,000,000 residents. It has evolved from a small fishing village to a new, modern city, a vibrant metropolis with tall, modern buildings, huge shopping malls and endless attractions.

We begin our tour of the Old City of Dubai, known as al-Fahidi district, full of small houses, picturesque cafes and galleries. We will see the largest mosque in the UAE known as Jumiera, which is the first mosque to open its doors to non-Muslim visitors. Then we will visit the Museum of Civilizations, a unique exhibition commemorating the horrors of the Holocaust that opened in 2021. It is the only museum of its kind in an Arab country. After our busy and exciting morning, we will return to our hotel for some deserved rest followed by a delicious Kosher meat dinner.

We end the day with an enjoyable, relaxing and fun canal cruise including a show, as we view the impressive and towering buildings along the coastline.

Tuesday: Day 2. Sharjah, Desert Safari
After breakfast, we will set off for a visit to Sharjah, the third largest principality in the Emirates and the cultural capital of the Union. We will visit the plaza of the King Faisal Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the Emirates. This impressive mosque was actually a gift from Saudi King Faisal to the Emirates. It was opened in 1987 and has an Islamic library, one of the largest in the world with more than 7,000 books. Entry is restricted to Muslims only.

Next, we will visit the fortress bearing the name of the princesses, which also serves as a museum of photographs and archaeological objects. The museum also houses an ancient prison.

Afterwards, we will return to our hotel for a rest, as we will have a late evening.

n the afternoon, we will participate in a dune bashing in a/c deluxe jeeps for a true desert safari adventure, experiencing the power of the desert in the Arabian Peninsula. We will end the evening with the hospitality of a Bedouin encampment, a traditional folklore show, with a kosher BBQ dinner. Guests can also get a henna tattoo and drink Bedouin Asli Arabic coffee.

Then back to our hotel for a good night’s sleep!

Wednesday: Day 3. Dubai for all its wonders
Today, after breakfast, we will spend the morning touring the impressive artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. We will take a ride on the Monorail, an overhead train inaugurated in 2009, which connects the artificial island to the mainland. The island is considered one of the wonders of the world, and the largest artificial island on earth (some describe it as a man-made “miracle”). The island is shaped like a palm tree surrounded by a crescent-shaped breakwater. It has skyscrapers, luxury villas, parks, golf clubs and more. We will continue to the edge of the island to see the luxurious Atlantis Hotel located in Palm Jumeirah. Near the island lies one of Dubai’s most recognizable buildings: the Hotel Burj Al Arab, considered the most luxurious hotel in the world. This hotel is a symbol of Dubai’s extreme wealth. Unfortunately, we are not staying there, but we are in for a unique and exclusive experience with a private guided tour of the hotel during which we will see the luxury suites, gold plated staircases and the wonderful architectural richness of the hotel.

At noon we will dine at the kosher restaurant “Mul Hayam”, a new Israeli restaurant not far from Jumeriah beach.  After lunch we will tour the Jumeriah State Market. This popular market is decorated in a traditional Middle Eastern style, with natural stone structures in a light sand color. Perfumes, fabrics, souvenirs and more can be purchased at this impressive market.

In the afternoon we will visit the Dubai Mall, the fifth largest mall in the world, with thousands of luxury stores, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and food courts. The aquarium is located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall and is home to thousands of marine animals including over 300 impressive sharks and seals. We will watch Dubai’s famous new fountain show, which includes lighting and music effects. From here we will continue to visit the symbol of Dubai –  “Burj Al Khalifa”. It is a skyscraper and the tallest building in the world, rising to an altitude of 828 meters (2,717 feet), with 163 floors. The cost of its construction is estimated at about $1.5 billion. 194 foundation pillars were erected for the building, at a depth of 15 meters. We will take an express elevator up to the 124th floor, from where we will see the whole city of Dubai from the Persian Gulf to the desert.

Thursday: Day 4. World Expo, La Perle Show>After breakfast, we will be visiting Dubai Expo 2021. This is one of the largest events in the world, bringing together 192 countries in a cultural, technological and economic encounter in a complex built specifically for it. Each country has a uniquely designed independent pavilion, which presents significant elements of its historical and modern culture and vision for the future with an emphasis on environmental motifs, cooperation, technology and more.

The Israeli pavilion, for example, is inspired by an open biblical tent on either side, with seven gates through which visitors will pass on their way from one side to the other.

The expo exhibitions usually take place every 5 years and began as early as the end of the 19th century. For the Emiratis, as you might expect, everything is big, magnificent and impressive. The Exo is closing in one week and we will be fortunate to be among the 25 million people who have visited it. Our visit will continue until late afternoon when we will return to our hotel for dinner.

After dinner we will go to the spectacular “La Perle” show, by the legendary artistic director Franco Dragona which is considered the number one show in Dubai. La Perle features a breathtaking fusion of immersive artistic performance, imagery and technology. La Perle is influenced by Dubai’s rich culture, vibrant present and aspirational future, which is brought to life by awe-inspiring stunts and special effects that will leave you speechless.

Friday: Day 5. Enchanted Garden, Butterfly Garden, Ferris Wheel, Ain Dubai, Emirates Mall
We begin our day after breakfast with a visit to the Enchanted Garden: one of the largest flower gardens in the world with over 45 million flowers decorated in different and spectacular styles over more than 70,000 square meters. The floral displays include a 747 jet liner, a giant bird, elephants, Disney characters and more. The venue broke a Guinness World Record for flower design and arrangement.  A visit to the adjacent Butterfly Garden follows. This garden contains about 15,000 butterflies and over 50 varieties of butterflies of different sizes and colors. Dubai Butterfly Garden gives us the opportunity to see the “full incarnation” of the butterfly, that is, the stages of its development: cocoon, caterpillar and butterfly. This indoor butterfly garden is the largest in the world. Beside the garden there is also a butterfly museum, a lush garden where you can view plants, flowers, fountains and birds.

After spending time in the gardens we will go to another famous attraction in Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel in the world known as the “Dubai Eye”. There were those who defined the Ferris wheel in Dubai as “a finger in the eye of London” and indeed while the London Ferris wheel rises to an impressive height of one hundred and thirty-five meters, the height of the “Eye of Dubai” is double, rising to an unbelievable two hundred and fifty meters. The Dubai Eye has entered the Guinness Book of World Records We will take a ride on the wheel for a bird’s-eye view of Dubai.

Time permitting, you get to spend your money with a visit to the huge Emirates Mall adjacent to our hotel. This mall has plenty of brands and shops but also several impressive attractions, including the largest indoor ski complex in the world. When was the last time you saw snow in the middle of the desert? In Dubai anything is possible.

We will return to our hotel in the afternoon to get ready for Shabbat.
Candle lighting is at 18:14

Mincha + Kabbalat Shabbat and time to relax over a beautiful Shabbat diner with a chance to meet our group.

Saturday- Shabbat: Day 6. Saturday Night – The Global Village
In addition to a beautiful and uplifting Shabbat with T-fillot and delicious meals we will have a chance to rest after our intense week of touring. Shabbat end at 19:07.

After Shabbat, we are in for a special night out at the global village, one of the largest tourism projects worldwide. The village is one of Dubai’s most popular entertainment destinations combining a festival and park experience. The park opens annually between November and April and takes visitors on a real world tour of 75 countries, many from the Middle East, consisting of diverse cultural areas, architectural buildings, food pavilions, shopping markets, shows, extreme facilities and even a haunted house.

Sunday: Day 7. Abu Dhabi
Today we will leave exciting Dubai and travel to Abu Dhabi, the largest emirate in the kingdom and also the capital city. Abu Dhabi is the residence of government and the offices of the Emirates government as well as the residence of the President of the Emirates.

Built on the edge of an island, approx. 250 meters from the mainland, with a population of about 1.4 million of which 80% are foreigners, this magnificent city includes unique buildings, mosques, palaces and beaches as well as famous museums, a variety of attractions for families and tourists.

We will enjoy a panoramic tour of the city, which will start along the impressive beach and 5-miles-long promenade, which is saturated with hotels, cafes, restaurants, fine gardens and various entertainment sites.

We will visit the Louvre Museum of Abu Dhabi which is the extension of the world famous Paris museum and features temporary and permanent exhibitions that combine culture, history and works by famous painters such as Picasso and others. The design of the museum is fascinating: it is covered with a decorated dome that looks as if it is floating above us. The branch of the French Museum in Abu Dhabi is a symbol of the United Arab Emirates’ vision of cultural progress, thought and openness.

After visiting the museum, we will tour the business center of Abu Dhabi, which includes a large concentration of skyscrapers such as the Etihad Towers. The estimated cost of building the tower complex is 2.5 billion dirhams.  The towers house offices, an entertainment floor, restaurants and an observatory. We will see there the luxury hotel “Emirates Palace”. We will then take a lookout toward Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s theme park, which contains its tourist attractions such as Ferrari World, SeaWorld and Warner Bros. Studios and the racetrack where the Formula One car race final takes place.

Our visit will include the Great Mosque named after the father of the nation Sheikh Zayed, one of the largest and most spectacular mosques in the world, built of marble and with many decorations. The mosque can accommodate up to 40,000 worshippers. The planning and construction work of the mosque was assigned to a large number of artists and professionals from around the world from India to New Zealand and more than 3,000 employees were engaged in the construction work.

After being impressed by the mosque, we will visit the palace of the local ruler “Qasr al-Watan”, the presidential palace of the United Arab Emirates, where the residence of the President of the Emirates and emir of Abu Dhabi Khalifa bin Zayed and crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the de facto ruler and strongman, is located. The palace is called in the people’s tongue “The White Fortress”.  A true marvel to behold and where Israeli President Herzog was hosted by the president of UAE.

After a day exploring the union capital, we will arrive at our luxurious hotel & resort in Abu Dhabi.

Monday: Day 8. Day off in Abu Dhabi
Enjoy a day of pampering at the luxurious Royal M Hotel and Resort which overlooks the Persian Gulf provides a relaxation experience beyond compare. This newish hotel boasts beautifully decorated rooms and many facilities including a large range of health and beauty treatments. The treatments on offer will give you a whole, new sense of well-being and contentment. Work out those muscles in the state-of-the-art gym or cool off and dive into the stunning infinity pool. After an intense week of touring, enjoy the time to calm down and spoil yourselves. Also feel free to shop in the amazing malls of Abu Dhabi and sites see on your own.

Tuesday: Day 9. Abu Dhabi – Dubai – Tel Aviv
Continue to enjoy your pampering at the resort. At noon we will depart Abu Dhabi and return to exciting Dubai to view the Palace of the Ruler of Dubai – Zabil Palace. The palace, which is not open to the public, is an impressive building with a spectacular green park at the entrance. We will stop for a photo shoot and from there we will continue to the Frame of Dubai. This is a huge 500-foot-high picture frame building that sits near Dubai’s old neighborhoods. Inside you can find a museum that offers explanations about the history and culture of Dubai, and the story behind the building of this ambitious structure. Of course there is also a spectacular view of the city which is the ideal way to say goodbye to Dubai as we head to the airport and our trip home to Israel and points around the world.

A trip not to be believed at an amazing price:
NIS 8,990 pp / Single Supplement: *NIS 9,875 / LAND ONLY (no flights and transfers)
For non-Israeli citizens $ 2,990 pp / $ 3,800 single – $ prices do not include flights
NIS 250 pp addition for non AACI member or join AACI

Price includes:

  • RT Flights Israel
  • 6 nights, Elite Byblos Hotel 5 * Dubai
  • 2 nights, Luxurious Royal M Hotel and Resort Abu Dhabi
  • Kosher Full Board (sandwiches for lunch). Dinners mostly chicken
  • Tips, for guides, Israel, local and bus drivers
  • Entrance fees to sites listed in program
  • Air-Conditioned bus with bottled water
  • 4X4 Desert Safari,
  • Kosher BBQ dinner and Folklore show
  • World famous Dubai Expo
  • La Perl Extravaganza Show
  • Dubai Ferris Wheel (Largest in the world)
  • Exclusive tour Burj Al Arab Hotel (new)
  • Enchanted Garden and Butterfly Garden
  • Burj Khaliafa Tallest building in the world
  • Global Village
  • Palm “Jumeriah”;
  • The Dubai Frame
  • Exciting Marina Cruise and Show
  • Louvre in Abu Dhabi
  • Presidential Palace – Qasri al-Watan
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  • Holocaust Exhibition
  • So much more!

Price Does Not Include

  • Any items of personal nature
  • Travel Insurance with Corona coverage
  • Visa Fee (if necessary)
  • PCR Test


  • Minimum participants required
  • Program, itinerary, timing, sites subject to change
  • Corona restrictions observed

Terms of payment: Upon Registration – 50%
By March 2, 2022 final balance
Cancellation fee after March 2,  2022– 100%

Flights: Departure – March 21, 2022,  FZ / TLV-DXB 00:45 – Arriving 05:45
Return –        March 29, 2022,  FZ / DXB-TLV 21:00 – Arriving 23”30

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