South America

South America – 4 Countries in 27 Unforgettable days   

20 February 2019 - 18 March 2019
Locations: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru

This tour combines the most beautiful destinations and cities in the world. Peru and its Crown Jewel – Machu Picchu – one of the man made wonders of the world. Chile enjoys one of the most sought after reserves on the continent: Torres del Paine – the land of Genesis, with its expansive high plains, and waterfalls. Argentina delights us with Buenos Aires, the ‘Paris of South America’ as well as Calafate, the town at the end of the world. From here we will sail to the exploding glacier’ of Perito Moreno, and then continue to Patagonia region in Chile and southern Argentina where we will be awe-struck by the Andes, the lakes and glaciers. Brazil enchants us with Rio de Janeiro and the wondrous Iguazu Falls. This is a trip at a different pace – a trip to the most beautiful cities and sites in the world.