Jewish Heritage

AACI’s Jewish Heritage Tours take you back to a time when Jewish life teemed with study halls, urban commerce, and timeless tradition, a tapestry of culture and passion that is a window into our past, is slowly re-emerging into modern, proud communities. These must-do tours are led by superbly informed guides who expertly convey the rich cultural past with glimpses into the future.

AACI Spain and Portugal   

04 November 2018 - 15 November 2018
Locations: Alpalhao, Avila, Belmonte, Coimbra, Guarda, Hervas, Lisbon, Madrid, Porto, Segovia, Toma

  Following the route of Sephardic Jewry From the Golden Age of Discovery to the Inquisition, Portuguese and Spanish Jewry went from the heights of wealth and success to the depths of anguish and despair. The history of Iberian Jewry is like that of many other places, where success and sadness go hand-in-hand. Along forgotten… Read More

AACI Odessa and Uman – A Great pre-Rosh Hashana Trip   

06 August 2018 - 09 August 2018
Locations: Odessa, Uman

Odessa. Considered the Pearl of the Black Sea, and one of its largest port cities, Odessa has always harbored a mix of cultures, especially Jewish. The city was once home to over 150,000 Jews, or one third of the total population. We explore the city and delve into its Jewish past revisiting Rabbis, Zionist leaders… Read More

AACI Central Europe   

18 June 2018 - 27 June 2018
Locations: Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Vienna

Budapest, Vienna, and Prague are considered to be three of Central Europe’s most culturally splendid cities. Abounding in Jewish history, Central Europe is a favorite destination for the Jewish tourist. From fascinating Prague, the city that created Kafka, to Budapest, the sensuously rich capital of Hungary and to the old-world sophistication, music and coffeehouse culture of Vienna, you will feel elevated by the delights in every destination. Jewish Heritage is strong here, woven like a golden thread throughout this part of the world. You will have the feeling of being somewhere you have visited before, and find a charm only rarely experienced in the modern world.


05 July 2018 - 12 July 2018
Locations: Estonia, Kaunas, Lativa, Lithuania, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius

    Three countries, Lithuania, Lativa and Estonia, four cities, Vilnius, Riga, Kaunas, Tallinn, and hundreds of years of rich Jewish history.  Propel yourself through time to visit great scholars and blossoming yeshivas. Walk cobbled stone once host to hundreds of Jewish cafes and stores. Come face to face with historic vibrant Jewish life which… Read More

AACI Kosher Russia: Moscow & St. Petersburg   

07 August 2018 - 16 August 2018
Locations: Moscow, St. Petersburg

  Visit Moscow and St. Petersburg the two cities that define Russia’s past, present and future. Moscow is unlike any other city on earth. It is the wealthy economic center for one sixth of the world’s land mass and has over 120 ethnic groups and nationalities. A diverse and vibrant city with a strange combination… Read More