The homeland and heart of the Jewish people. Come learn, explore, and feel Israel and all her wonders as we travel the length and breadth of our multi-faceted homeland. AACI trips and study vacations bring out the fascinating, lesser-known aspects of our country that are steeped in our Jewish roots and history.

AACI Pesach 2024 in Jerusalem or Netanya or, Both   

AACI Pesach 2024 – Supporting & Enjoying Israel with Mizrachi! “And it is this promise which has been the support of our ancestors and of us also; for not only one has risen up to destroy us but in every generation there are some who rise up against us; but the Most Holy, blessed be… Read More

Resilience & Restoration – AACI Eilat Retreat   

Resilience & Restoration – AACI Eilat Retreat The VERT Eilat  / TripAdvisor Travelers Award 2023 February 11 – 15, 2024 / 4  nights.  We all hope and pray that Israel will quickly defeat Hamas and that the wonderful soldiers of the IDF and all the hostages will come home quickly. All of us on the Israel… Read More

Thanksgiving Getaway at the Glorious Kfar Giladi Hotel   

AACI’s Upper Galil Thanksgiving Getaway at the Glorious Kfar Giladi Hotel November 26-30, 2023 Enjoy five relaxing days in one of Israel’s most beautiful locations in Israel North away from the smoke of the buses and hustle and buses of the cities.  Indulge your mind, body, and spirit with AACI’s warm and friendly English-speaking group. … Read More