The homeland and heart of the Jewish people. Come learn, explore, and feel Israel and all her wonders as we travel the length and breadth of our multi-faceted homeland. AACI trips and study vacations bring out the fascinating, lesser-known aspects of our country that are steeped in our Jewish roots and history.

Making the Desert Bloom – Our Most Popular Trip!   

10 December 2018 - 13 December 2018
Locations: Kibbutz Ketura, Sourthern Arava, Timna National Park

      AACI Continuing Education Trip to the Southern Arava/Kibbutz Ketura Trip highlights include an introduction to the Arava at the new Vidor Visitors Center and the Yair Experimental Station for Agricultural Research, visits to Timna National Park, the state-of-the-art Ilan Ramon International Airport, and the International Bird-watching and Research Center in Eilat, an ice… Read More

Continuing Education/Study Tyulim – MAKING THE DESERT BLOOM   

08 October 2018 - 11 October 2018
Locations: Gush Etzion, Har Adar, Neot Kedumim

BACK TO THE FUTURE TOUR – October 8-11, 2018 AACI Continuing Education Trip to the Judean Highlands Experience Neot Kedumim – the Biblical Landscape Reserve; catch a glimmer of the future at Modiin-Macabim-Reut; travel along the historic Tel Aviv-Jerusalem road and stop at the Kiryat Anavim Cemetery (Netzer Acharon) and the Har Adar overlook; visit… Read More