The homeland and heart of the Jewish people. Come learn, explore, and feel Israel and all her wonders as we travel the length and breadth of our multi-faceted homeland. AACI trips and study vacations bring out the fascinating, lesser-known aspects of our country that are steeped in our Jewish roots and history.

AACI Study Tour (SV 171) to the Caesarea/Netanya Region   

10 February 2020 - 13 February 2020

Highlights include: Visit the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center (IICC) a non-profit organization dedicated to commemorating the fallen from all branches of Israel’s intelligence community Spice up your life with a tour of the Salt & Pepper Museum – the largest collection of Salt & Pepper shakers in the world with over 37,000 unique… Read More

AACI Eilat Caesar Premier Resort Hotel   

03 November 2019 - 07 November 2019

Following success of last year’s Netanya AACI Eilat getaway join us for another five glorious days, in premium rooms, half board at the Caesar Premier Resort Hotel. The hotel is located on the North Beach, a short walk from the seashore and close to the city’s shopping malls and entertainment facilities. Enjoy the hotel’s magnificent view of the Laguna,… Read More

AACI Study Trip to Ashkelon, Sderot and the Gaza Border Communities   

09 December 2019 - 12 December 2019

Highlights include: Explore the Ashkelon National Park, situated on a high range of sandstone cliffs with a beach on one side and golden sand dunes on the other. At this site, the 5,000 years of the city’s history are evident to the eye and capture the soul. Visit the Canaanite city gate – the oldest… Read More