Europe has a rich cultural history, beginning as far back as the Paleolithic Era. Europe, while the smallest continent on our planet, is one of the most beautiful and fascinating, bringing together both the modern, ancient, and Renaissance periods. Jewishly, Europe was the center of a rich and prosperous world of learning and culture, but sadly the Holocaust destroyed this remarkable world. AACI tours show you the beautiful, remarkable, and Jewish aspects as we visit this multi-faceted continent.


30 August 2020 - 03 September 2020

  Sample itinerary to be confirmed General cultural touring will be woven into the Jewish touring, bringing the rich culture of Budapest to life.  Visit the second largest synagogue designed by Otto Wagner, as well as museums and other Jewish cultural sites.  Visit beautiful residential neighborhoods and hear the stories of the local Jewish history…. Read More

AACI’s Kosher and Friendly Berlin Jewish Heritage Tour   

12 July 2020 - 16 July 2020

  Sample itinerary to be confirmed. Spend four days in Berlin exploring its Jewish past, present and future. Learn about the centuries-long Jewish presence, and its outstanding contribution to German culture. Mourn lost communities and stand witness to the atrocities of World War II and the Holocaust. Observe the current Jewish renaissance taking place in… Read More

AACI Kosher Portugal – coming Nov 2020   

Locations: Alcobaca, Belmonte, Coimbra, Guarda, Lisbon, Obidos, Sintra

Sample itinerary to be confirmed  From the Golden Age of Discovery to the Inquisition, Portuguese Jewry went from the heights of wealth and success to the depths of anguish and despair. The history of  Portuguese Jewry is like that of many other places, where success and sadness go hand in hand. Walking along Lisbon’s streets,… Read More

AACI’s London Bnei Mitzvah Trip   

16 August 2020 - 20 August 2020
Locations: London

  Mazal Tov! Your grandchild is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah! Join grandparents and their Bnei Mitzvah aged grandchildren for a trip your grandchild will still talk about at their Sheva Brachot. Bond with them in this special way as they enter into adulthood. Hold their hands as you explore the Tower of London, tour… Read More

AACI Kosher Russia – Moscow & St. Petersburg   

24 August 2020 - 02 September 2020
Locations: Russia, St. Petersburg

Visit Moscow and St. Petersburg the two cities that define Russia’s past, present, and future