Europe has a rich cultural history, beginning as far back as the Paleolithic Era. Europe, while the smallest continent on our planet, is one of the most beautiful and fascinating, bringing together both the modern, ancient, and Renaissance periods. Jewishly, Europe was the center of a rich and prosperous world of learning and culture, but sadly the Holocaust destroyed this remarkable world. AACI tours show you the beautiful, remarkable, and Jewish aspects as we visit this multi-faceted continent.

AACI’s Kosher Provence   

October 15 – 22, 2023 For many people, the pastoral landscapes of Provence are a French fantasy come true. Provence seems to sum up everything enviable about the French lifestyle: fantastic food, hilltop villages, legendary wines, art, bustling markets and a balmy climate. Whilst in Provence we will still see vestiges of its medieval Jewish communities in… Read More

AACI’s Kosher Mano 11 Night Cruise   

Visiting:  *Catania, Italy   * Valletta, Malta   * Palermo, Italy    * Kalamata  &  Crete-Souda, Greece –  AMAZING PRICE November 19 to  ALL INCLUSIVE – Cruise, tours, children’s on-board program, tips  full board Scholar in residence: Rabbi Goldin Visit beautiful Italy, majestic Malta, and captivating Kalmata and Crete with their alluring blue sea and hypnotic white… Read More

AACI Kosher Iceland   

AACI Kosher Iceland – COMING 2024 8 Days-7 Nights Join us on an unbelievable Adventure of a Lifetime Whale Watching, Boat Ride, Blue Lagoon, Glacier Visit, Ice caves + Waterfalls galore & so much more! This trip will offer the opportunity to see a land of the boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, glaciers and waterfalls…. Read More

AACI Kosher Prague   

Coming 2024 – 5 Days Touring Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a very picturesque and beautiful city in Europe.  It has many castles and green rolling hills, and is famous for its cultural life.  Prague has a particularly rich Jewish history. There were times of great communal heights and impressive Jewish learning… Read More

AACI Kosher Magical Lapland Adventure   

February 15-21, 2023 Lapland is an area in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. It is most likely that Lapland does not resemble anything else on earth. You are going on an adventure where you will see landscapes and places that you have never seen before. You will return with white photographs of snowy hills and… Read More