Asia brings together the beautiful, exotic, and mysterious. You will delight in the extravagant splendor and enchantment of the Far East, visiting exotic and ancient, off-the-beaten-track farming villages, and exploring the mysterious of the ancient past prior to encountering the futuristic skylines of China’s central cities. The Asian experience offers a profusion of color and fragrance, and a history that transcends time. With strictly kosher food and well-organized programs, AACI guarantees that you come back from the Far East with a rich appreciation of this magical corner of the world.

AACI Kosher Sichuan, Yunan and Tibet   

01 June 2020 - 18 June 2020
Locations: Chengdu, Dali, Kunming, Sichuan, Tibet, Yuan

Sichuan-It’s fitting that an ancient form of opera and magic called biànliǎn (face-changing) originated here, for Sichuan is a land of a myriad of layers. Capital Chengdu sems modern on the surface but just beyond its ring roads you’ll find a more traditional landscape of mist-shrouded, sacred mountains, and a countryside scattered with ancient villages and cliffs of carved Buddhas.

Yunan-More than half of the country’s minority groups have their origins here, providing a glimpse into China’s diverse cultural landscape. Then there’s the eye-catching contrasts of the land itself: Erhai Lake, Tiger Leaping Gorge and snow-capped mountains as you edge towards Tibet.
Tibet- Tibet offers mystical monasteries, gorgeous palaces, stunning views of the world’s highest mountains and one of the most likeable cultures you will ever encounter.

AACI Kosher Classic China – coming 2020   

Locations: Beijing, Guilin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian

China’s textured and ancient history seamlessly melds into a fascinating, modern country, brimming with breathtaking sights.  This classic tour will open up this vast and wondrous country to the traveler and will leave no stone un-turned.

We will explore the major cities of Hong Kong, Guilin, Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian.  In Hong Kong, we will visit the Aberdeen Fishing Market and its floating stalls. In Beijing, we’ll stand in the midst of Tiananmen Square and have a walking tour through the Forbidden City and of course climb the Great Wall of China. In Xian, we will view the Terra Cotta Warriors.  We will fly to Shanghai where we will discover the old quarters, stroll along the Grand Colonial Waterfront Promenade, the Bund and the Jewish Quarter and see a breathtaking acrobatic performance. The highlight of our extensive trip is Guilin and its environs. Guilin’s natural beauty will leave us breathless and its history will astound us. In Guilin we will explore the Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Trunk Hill, in Yangzhou, we will view the spectacular Impression Show, enjoy a cruise on the Li River and so much more