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AACI Staff Escorts -What makes them unique

All AACI staff escorts are employees of AACI working for the successful absorption of English speaking immigrants to Israel. In addition to being staff escorts, their positions at AACI reflect their caring and love for our community. They are dedicated to the strengthening our homeland and the Jewish people. On our trips, their goal is to make sure that each and every participant has a wonderful time.


David London, Executive Director, under his tenure as the National Executive Director of AACI (since 2003), started the AACI overseas travel program. David is married to Karyn London MSW and they have four children. Before making Aliyah in 1991 David was director of Young Judaea of the Southeast United States. In Israel, David has worked in various positions within various youth movements, Intel and AACI. David has been organizing and leading Kosher groups for over 25 years and strives to make AACI travel program the best.

Carole Kremer,  AACI Director of Operations &
Communications,  Carole is also the Travel Administrator working directly with David London to ensure the organization of our trips. Originally from the United Kingdom, Carole made aliyah in 1983 and is married to Yoni and they have 3 sabra children and a grandchild. Carole has been with AACI for over 30 years holding various positions within the organization. She enjoys traveling on many of the programs, seeing the growth and popularity plus meeting many satisfied, repeat customers.
Josie Arbel. Josie was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and made aliyah to Jerusalem in the summer of 1983. She served at AACI for over 25 years as Director of Klitah Services. Josie and her husband Shimon are the proud parents of 3 married children and love being “safta” and “sabba” to six delicious children. The opportunity to see the world with AACI travelers has been challenging and fascinating!
ElaynaElayna Weisel, Director of Development works with the development team on special programs and projects to raise money for AACI.  Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Elayna made Aliyah five years ago from Hollywood, Florida with her husband, Steve and three children, Chava, Marty and Aviva.  She especially enjoys traveling the world with AACI.
sheila1Sheila Bauman, Counselor, AACI Jerusalem Branch, Sheila came to AACI with a rich background in special education and counseling.  Sheila made aliyah over 20 years ago with four children and now has 12 grandchildren both in Israel and in the US.  As AACI’s counselor, Sheila deals with a broad range of situations in order to help tourists,  potential olim,  new olim and vatik AACI members who consult with her.
miriam green4Miriam Green, is a 25-year resident of Beer Sheva, Miriam worked for AACI from 2001 until 2020 as a counselor to olim and vatikim in the south. She counsels olim on a variety of subjects and has enabled the expansion of activities and communication for English speakers in the south. Miriam is the mother of three sabras, and a proud grandmother.
NavaNava Hyman, AACI Travel Escort Team Member. Nava has more than 2 decades of administrative and managerial experience in Jewish organizations and camps. Born and raised in Chicago, Nava is married to Josh and they have 5 children. They made aliyah in 1994 to Efrat. Today the entire family lives in Elazar including 2 married children.
aviellaAviella Trapido, Director and Producer of the J-Town Theater Company, AACI
Aviella has been producing and directing our small black-box theater for a few years and has an extensive background in music and performing arts. She made Aliya from South Africa almost twenty years ago and is married to Jake Halperin and lives in Jerusalem.

logo Our Diesenhaus Tour Partners

markMark Feldman, started Ziontours in August 1981 when he made Aliyah, making it the largest American owned travel agency in the Middle East. Merged with Diesenhaus BTC and is the Director of the Jerusalem office. Our One Stop Travel center prides itself on its first class service with the highest level of professionalism. Columnist at the Jerusalem Post.
Esther Salomon, Travel Consultant and AACI Travel Coordinator at Diesenhaus-BTC.Born in London, UK, made Aliyah in 1977 and lives in Efrat with husband Arie. After completing  her B.A. at Bar Ilan University she decided that travel was her profession of choice and ever since has arranged groups and individual travel, business and and solved emergency travel situations 24/6 around the globe. Proud mother of 5 amazing sons and grandmother of 4 very cute grandkids.
Frumie Horowitz, Tour Operator. Originally hailing from NY, Frumie has lived in Israel for over 12 years. She inherited her love of travel from her parents, who spent many years of their life together traveling around the world. She has over 5 years expertise in kosher travel planning. Frumie lives in Pardes Hana with her husband and two children.
BatshevaBatsheva Ben Yosef, Travel Consultant. Born in Ukraine, Batsheva also lived in Russia and the US. Moved to Israel in 2015. At Diesenhaus she deals mostly with incoming tourism to Israel from the US. She’ll get you a hotel, a transfer, a car rental, and a guide. At AACI travel Batsheva is a point person for the registration for our tours.
Shaina Be, Marketing. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Shaina came to Israel 16 years ago. She loves traveling and travel news, having already traveled to dozens of countries she always keeps her eye out for exciting trips, tips, trends and news.

Our Israeli Guides

michael tuchfeldMichael Tuchfeld, born in Jerusalem, is an experienced tour guide who specializes in conducting kosher tours all over the globe.  Michael is also a journalist, a political analyst, a correspondent and a broadcaster for over 30 years. He worked for “Kol Israel” for 17 years, Channel 2 News – The Knesset Channel and currently for Makor Rishon and NRG news web site. Married to Dvora, former special education art teacher, and they have 4 sons. They Live in Givatayim.
yrubenstein2Rabbi Yitzchak Rubenstein, made aliya in 2002 after a long career in both formal and informal education in South Africa.  Rabbi Rubenstein began educational work in Poland in 2007 and has guided close to fifty different groups.  He has also guided groups at other locations in Europe. He strives towards a balance between learning about the rich and diverse Jewish community that existed in Poland for centuries before the war and discovering what happened during the period of the Shoah.
Moshe Sharon Moshe Sharon, was born in London and is an experienced guide who specializes in conducting kosher tours all over the globe.
Moshe is also an educator and has taught in schools throughout Israel, Belgium, and London, over a 35 year period.  Moshe still serves in the I.D.F. as a lieutenant general, he is married to Dalia, and they have five daughters.


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