Study Trip #187 – Hadera/Caesarea/Zichron Ya’akov   


Bus 1 touring June 12-15, 2023; Bus 2 touring June 18-21, 2023
Tour Guide: Jacky Sivak; Accommodations: Resort Hadera Hotel

Preliminary Itinerary (subject to change):

Caesarea National Park is one of Israel’s most impressive archaeological sites. The beautifully restored harbor built by King Herod is an engineering marvel. The site is a fascinating place to explore and the museum includes a great multimedia explanation of the history of the port.

Vitkin Winery is a family boutique winery considered to be the pioneer of Mediterranean wines in the Israeli wine industry as a result of their expertise in producing original wines from varieties that have not realized their potential.

Seakura is an eco-friendly company dedicated to growing seaweed on-land. Seakura has developed a unique land-based, super seaweed technology that replaces traditional seaweed cultivation methods. Seaweed is the ancestral source of all plants. It is one of the healthiest and most nutritional foods and it acts as the foundational food source of all life on earth.

The Ralli Museums of Caesarea, dedicated to the memory of the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition and to the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, which was almost completely exterminated in the Holocaust, aim to disseminate contemporary Latin American art and commemorate the golden age of Spanish Jewry.

Neve Michael Children’s Village is the only multi-disciplinary children’s home in Israel to offer a wide range of professional services on one site. Established in 1943 in Pardes Hanna, it is a safe haven for children 5 to 18 years of age who have been removed from their homes by Israel’s Welfare Department. Neve Michael’s mission is to provide each child with the love, care and professional treatment to overcome the abuse they have endured and to offer them a chance at a better future, they so deserve.

The Salt & Pepper Museum in Hadera contains the largest collection of Salt & Pepper Shakers in the world with over 37,000 unique pairs. Enjoy an intriguing tour and hear the amazing personal story of the Museum owner Mr. Eita Bar-On. 

Ramat Hanadiv – Gardens and Nature Park –  is dedicated to the memory of Baron Edmond de Rothschild. The Memorial Gardens invite guests into a place of rare tranquility. A gracious combination of European formality and Mediterranean-style vegetation, the Gardens reflect the Baron de Rothschild’s legacy of dignity and modesty.

Beit Aharonson Nili Museum documents and preserves the legacy of the Aaronsohn family and members of the Nili underground, their heroism and fortitude, and their contribution to the end of Turkish rule and the entry of the British into the Land of Israel.

The magnificent Ohel Yaakov Synagogue in Zihron Yaakov was built in 1886 by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild. Hear the impressive story of Ohel Yaakov’s creation, when early settlers worked in cooperation with local German Christians to evade Muslim law to build it without a permit.

Discover a new world in Hadera’s Mall Hof Beachfront Village. Walk around the unique fashion avenue, which gives the feeling of a pampering vacation overseas. View the unique surfing pool, admire the illuminated and spectacular fountain, and enjoy a variety of quality Kosher restaurants.

The Orot Rabin modernization project involves the conversion of the 2.59GW coal-fired power plant in Hadera to a single-shaft combined-cycle gas power plant. Owned by the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), the Orot Rabin Power plant is expected to become the largest and the most efficient gas-fired power plant in Israel, and is forecast to deliver up to 4% of the current total power generation capacity of Israel.

Feinberg House: A journey through time and to the beginning of Zionism – the house where Absalom Feinberg, one of the founders of the Nili underground grew up. The house has been restored and you can experience the life of the Feinberg family in it at the beginning of the last century.

Cost: is 3100 NIS per person in a shared double room, or 4400 NIS for a single room (200 NIS per person or 300 NIS per couple additional for non-AACI members) and includes: bus transportation from Jerusalem and to the various destinations, professional English-language tour guide for 4 days, half board (breakfast and dinner) and lodging for 3 nights at the beachfront Resort Hadera  Hotel ( ), and entrance fees to sites. Kashrut & Ministry of Health rules observed.

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