South America – 4 Countries in 27 Unforgettable days   

20 February 2019 - 18 March 2019
Locations: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru

This tour combines the most beautiful destinations and cities in the world. Peru and its Crown Jewel – Machu Picchu – one of the man made wonders of the world. Chile enjoys one of the most sought after reserves on the continent: Torres del Paine – the land of Genesis, with its expansive high plains, and waterfalls. Argentina delights us with Buenos Aires, the ‘Paris of South America’ as well as Calafate, the town at the end of the world.  From here we will sail to the exploding glacier’ of Perito Moreno, and then continue to Patagonia region in Chile and southern Argentina where we will be awe-struck by the Andes, the lakes and glaciers. Brazil enchants us with Rio de Janeiro and the wondrous Iguazu Falls. This is a trip at a different pace – a trip to the most beautiful cities and sites in the world.

We will start in Peru and the breathtaking site of Machu Picchu, a fortress city built by the Incas in the Andes that survived the Spanish occupier. We will continue to Chile and to one of the most sought after resorts in Torres del Paine in southern Chile, Patagonia. The reserve is a spectacular national park with granite cliffs and huge glaciers, and three giant granite columns that brought fame to this place, which proudly displays the power and splendor of nature.

Then on to Argentina and the Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil. The falls, which are rightly considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Argentina, the southern neighbor of Brazil and the second largest country on the continent, is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean to the east and west of the Andes, which runs from north to south along the continent and separates it from its neighbor, Chile. We will visit the capital city of Buenos Aires, which has many crowns and from there, continue to El Calafate on the edge of the glacier park from which we will sail to view the spectacular Perito Moreno glacier.

We will conclude this most amazing trip in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is the largest country in size and population on the South American continent. It is a breathtaking mixture of cultures that have been intertwined and integrated into a vast abundance of magnificent natural resources.

1. Wednesday, 20.2.19 Tel Aviv – Intermediate Destination – Lima (Peru)
“Shehecheyanu” – the big day has come. We will fly via an intermediate stop to Lima, the capital of Peru, located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. After arrival, immigration & customs, we’ll transfer to the hotel.

2. Thursday, 21.2.19 Lima
After breakfast we will tour Lima and visit Plaza Mayor, Lima’s central square that houses the presidential palace, an impressive cathedral, the municipality and from there to Plaza San Martin and the impressive colonial streets. We will visit Parque Yitzhak Rabin, dedicated to the memory of Israel’s slain Prime Minister as well as the Museum of the Inquisition.

3. Friday, 22.2.19 Lima
Today we will continue our tour of the city and explore the modern Peruvian neighborhoods of Miraflores and San Isidro with a visit to the Gold Museum, which displays many collections of pre-Spanish gold: jewelry, masks, pottery, sculptures and objects from various Peruvian cultures. The museum also has a collection of textiles and weapons from around the world. We’ll return to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat which we will enjoy with the local Jewish community.

4. Shabbat, 23.2.19. Lima
Shabbat services, Kiddush and lunch will be at the Jewish Community. Afterwards we will take a walk in the upscale neighborhood where the Jewish community is located. We’ll get some Shabbat rest before returning to the synagogue for Seudah Shlishit and Havdalah. After Shabbat we’ll go out to the Magical Water Circuit Square, a park filled with colorful fountains that dance to music and through which you can even walk. This is one of Lima’s favorite outdoor night activities and the locals fill the park every Saturday night.

5.Sunday, 24.2.19 Lima – the Peruvian Amazon, Puerto Maldonado
Today we will fly to the Peruvian Amazon region. Upon arrival, we will travel to our first stop located in the heart of the Amazon jungle. The town of Puerto Maldonado is a small town in southeastern Peru, located at the confluence of the Tambopata and Madera de Dios rivers. We will get to know the fascinating market of the Amazon town, where we can find vegetables and fruits that are typical of the area. From there we will sail to the lodge our accommodation for the next two days. After settling in we will visit Monkey Island, where we’ll find many species of monkeys and other animals that make their home in this wild vegetation.

6. Monday, 25.2.19 the Peruvian Amazon
Today we will explore the Amazon rainforest and get to know the ecosystem with its varied flora and fauna including parrots, crocodiles, multiplicity of insects and reptiles. We will take a canoe cruise to the small tribes of the Amazon, visit a local school and go on walk tours including a night tour and a helicopter flight.

7. Tuesday, 26.2.19 The Peruvian Amazon – Cusco – Urubamba Valley
Today we will fly to Cusco, a city of 380,000 inhabitants, located at 3,326 meters above sea level. This is the magic capital of the Andes. As soon as we arrive, we enjoy the views of the city and the observations. We will take a look at the special city known as the Kathmandu of Peru because it is a magnet for travelers and many tourists. The area where it is located can be compared to the Himalayas. We will tour the city center of Cusco. Take a stroll through the impressive squares, palaces and local palaces. We will descend to the Sacred Valley of which runs along the Urubamba River – which was sacred to the ancient Inca Indians. We will stop for a visit to the Awana Kancha farm and enjoy the special Indian market in Pisac.

8. Wednesday, 27.2.19 The Urubamba River & Machu Picchu
A bucket-list day lies ahead of us and one of the highlights of the trip. We will take the special train with amazing views to Machu Picchu – the lost city abandoned by the Incas without being harmed by the Spanish conquerors. The city was re-discovered in 1911 by researcher Hiram Bingham. After our detailed tour of this magnificent site, a man-made Wonder of the World, we’ll descend to wander about the huge Indian market in the town of Aguas Calientes and admire the rain forest and the special vegetation. Upon our return to Cusco we’ll have dinner and a Peruvian Folklore show.

9. Thursday, 28.2.19 Cusco
Today, we will visit the archaeological sites around Cusco, such as the site of the Sacsayhuaman Fortress, the magnificent building of the beautifully adapted large stones, Puka Pukara and the Tambomachay baths.

10. Friday, 1.3.19 Cusco – Santiago, Chile
After breakfast, we’ll fly to Santiago de Chile, the country’s capital. After landing, we will take a tour of the city. As time permits, we’ll visit the central square surrounding the central post office, the city hall and the National Museum, the Presidential Palace, the Central Market and Santa Lucia Hill which has beautiful public gardens, trails and fountains.

11. Shabbat, 2.3.19 Santiago de Chile
After Shabbat services and Shabbat lunch, we will take a walking tour of the area around our hotel.

12. Sunday, 3.3.19 Punta Arenas
Today we fly to Punta Arenas, the southernmost city in Chile. Located on the shores of the Magellan Strait the city is considered the capital of Patagonia Chilean. After landing, we will visit the important sites of the city and the open market.

13. Monday, 4.3.19 Punta Arenas, sailing to the island of Magdalena – Torres del Paine
Today we sail to the island of Magdalena, which is designated as a nature reserve for 120,000 penguins, 1000 sea lions, sea elephants, Australian dolphins, cormorants and more. We will go on a tour of as many sites as time will allow:

  1. Plaza Munoz Gamero, and the statue of the famous Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan.
  2. Costanera del Estrecho, a walkway along the coast with an interesting monument of an arriving ship, with mermaids blowing through conches as if to warn off the incoming explorers.
  3. Mirador Cerro de la Cruz, the lookout up the Hill of the Cross to get a lay of the land in Punta Arenas and a view over the colourful buildings, the strait and to peer down the avenues.
  4. Lord Lonsdale Shipwreck to get a first hand view of an interesting piece of history right on the main streets of town. How the ship’s final resting place came to be is still somewhat unknown, but the final voyage started in Germany back in 1909 and after the boat was purposefully sunk due to a fire on board, it was then brought to the surface and used as a monument to all travelers that came to aid exploration of this part of the world. At the end of the tour we will go to the Torres del Paine reserve.

 14. Tuesday, 5.3.19 Torres del Paine
Today we will tour the Torres del Paine reserve, 200 square kilometers of scenic sites and nature and animals such as Vianco and Alpaca, with the world’s largest birds such as the Condor, snowy cliffs, icy glaciers, waterfalls and more.

15. Wednesday, 6.3.19 Torres del Paine – El Calafate
After breakfast, we will leave the nature reserve and cross the border between Chile and Argentina on a leisurely trip to the Patagonian plains. We’ll travel past cattle and sheep farms located along the slopes of the Andes Mountains, continue through isolated towns and in the afternoon we will reach the town of Calafate, on the banks of Lake Argentina, the border of the “land of fire”, which is considered to be the “cultural end of the world” in the southern hemisphere.

16. Thursday, 7.3.19 Calafate, the border of the “land of fire”, the Perito Moreno Glacier – Buenos Aires
Today we will tour the area of Lake Argentina, where we will find the active and wonderful Perito Moreno rising 70 meters above the lake’s surface. It is 3 miles wide! Often, ice blocks fall into the lake as they break off the glacier. We will explore the various observation points and learn about this natural spectacle that attracts visitors from all over the world. Once every few years the blocks of ice dam up the river and cause a huge bang. We’ll sail across the big lake. At the end of the tour we’ll fly to Buenos Aires.

17. Friday, 8.3.19 Buenos Aires: the City of Good Winds
Today we will tour a city of more than 10 million inhabitants. We will admire the wide boulevards decorated with trees and flowers, the magnificent plazas with the presidential palace, the Congress Palace, the impressive synagogue, the opera building, the courtroom on which the tablets of the covenant are presented, and from which the laws and ethics were given to the world. And dozens of synagogues too! We’ll visit the famous district of Palermo, the suburb of beautiful gardens and the picturesque neighborhood of La Boca, the stronghold of Italian immigrants with its magnificent Recoleta cemetery. We will not miss the famous Florida pedestrian mall and the huge Pasipico Gallery.

18. Shabbat, 19. 9.3 Buenos Aires
After prayers we will take a walk around the hotel. In the evening we will thrill to a special “Argentine Tango show”.

19. Sunday, 10.3.19 Buenos Aires
Today we will visit a typical cowboy farm. The visit includes a kosher BBQ dinner, horse riding show and folklore show. In the afternoon we will return to Buenos Aires to complete our tour, if time permits.

20. Monday, 11.3.19 Buenos Aires – the Iguazu Falls, the Argentine side
This morning we will fly to the Iguazu Falls – the largest in the world. The falls are on the Brazilian-Argentine border. First, we will visit the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. From this side we can see the falls in every possible direction and get close to them.

21. Tuesday, 12.3.19 Iguazu Falls, the Brazilian side
After breakfast we will visit the waterfalls on the Brazilian side. There is a rare panorama of the falls that will enable us to understand how the waterfalls chain is built, stretching hundreds of meters. After being observed on both sides, you will determine today which side of these mighty waterfalls is more amazing! In the evening we will watch the world famous Rafain show, presenting the folklore of the three countries that border on Iguazu, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

22. Wednesday 13.3.19 Iguazu Falls – Rio de Janeiro
Today, we will fly to Rio de Janeiro, the unofficial capital of Brazil, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to its topography, beaches, bays, impressive neighborhoods and impressive mountains. After landing we will take a preliminary tour of the city.

23. Thursday, 14.3.19 Rio de Janeiro, Mount Corcovado, the Tijuca rainforest, Pavela Tour
We will take a jeep tour to the rare reserve on Mount Corcovado for a spectacular view of the city. The view from above is remarkable and tells us why Rio is considered such a special city. We will continue towards the Tijuca Rainforest, the largest urban forest in the world, located in the heart of the city. The forest is renowned for the thousands of varieties of plants and animals which are found only in the Atlantic forests. The forest has lots of lovely corners with gushing waterfalls. We will end with a visit to the Pavela neighborhood, the meager dwellings that surround the city and climb up into the mountains.

24. Friday, 15.3.19 Rio de Janeiro, Beaches Tour
After breakfast we will explore the city’s famous beaches, including the world-famous Copacabana Beach. We will continue to tour the Old City. In addition, we will see the Samba Stadium (Sambadrome) where every year the most famous carnival in the world takes place. We will also look at Maracana Stadium – the most famous soccer field in the world (former capacity 128,000 seats!). We will conclude with a visit to the Stern Jewelry and Gemstone Factory, which has more than 200 branches worldwide, including in Israel. We’ll return to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat.

25. Shabbat, 16.3.19 Rio de Janeiro
After Shabbat services, Kiddush and lunch, we will take a walking tour in the vicinity of our hotel. After Havdalah we’ll go out for a night on the town at Copacabana Beach to celebrate our last night in Latin America.

26-27. Sunday – Monday, 17-18.3.19 Rio de Janeiro – intermediate destination – Tel Aviv
Our tour of South America is over. We will drive to the airport and fly back to Israel via an intermediate destination, landing in Israel on the 27th day.

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  • Mineral water on coach – 2x 500ml bottles pp per day
  • Israeli English-speaking tour leader
  • AACI Escort
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