Rome with a Jewish Touch – A Deluxe Tour   

05 March 2018 - 08 March 2018


Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can expect Italy’s most popular destination to charm you in one. Rome is a fascinating fusion of old and new, from the lost empires and historical places to modern treasures and mouth-watering Italian cuisine. The staggering range of landmarks in Rome and glories of Renaissance architecture make it one of the most visited cities in the world.  The Jewish presence in Rome reaches back many centuries.  We will experience the Jewish quarter with its charming narrow streets, the famous Jewish catacombs, the arch of Titus, Moses by Michelangelo and so much more.

Monday, March  5th
EL AL flight departs Tel Aviv at 06:10 arriving Rome at 09:00

We start our tour with a visit to the Roman Houses at Palazzo Valentini. Take a captivating journey through time at the Domus Romane, a 20,000 square foot complex with two 4th century AD patrician villas and the remains of a private thermal bath. A wealth of mosaics, polychrome wall veneers, fountains and frescoes attests to the high rank of the villa’s owners, who were probably magistrates or senators.

Check into hotel
Before dinner at a local kosher restaurant, we will have a walking tour of our area in Ancient Rome.

Tuesday, March 6th
After breakfast we will start our morning tour by foot.

Jewish Rome has the oldest uninterrupted Jewish community on earth! You’ll hear about its 23 centuries of history.  We’ll visit the Jewish museum, walk through the longest lasting ghetto in Europe and marvel at one of the most spectacular synagogues on earth.

Afternoon Rome – Ancient City tour includes the Colosseum, Roman Forums, Arch of Constantine and the legendary Arch of Titus. Visit the site of the infamous Temple of Peace where the MENORAH and the KEILIM (sacred vessels), looted by the Romans from the Holy Temple, were on display for four centuries.  The tour also includes a visit to Michelangelo’s Capitol Hill with its impressive statues, especially the statue of Antoninus Marcus Aurelius (a very good friend to the Jews). At the end of the tour, we will lead you from Capitol Hill down through the web of medieval lanes and right into the bustling heart of the Jewish Ghetto.  Dinner at a local kosher restaurant.

Wednesday, March 7th
Breakfast followed by our morning tour.

The Vatican & The Sistine Secrets.   With over 2,000 rooms stuffed with objects on this special tour we will show you the Jewish content and other secrets that most visitors don’t notice.  Your guide will lead you through the maze of halls and chambers, telling you all the while the gossip and great stories from the Renaissance. Figures like Michelangelo, Julius II, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci will come alive at every turn. The highlight will be the awe inspiring Sistine Chapel ceiling. You will also learn the philosophy behind the artwork, the Renaissance and the Museum itself.

Afternoon – Let the Eternal City enchant you as you stroll through its picturesque cobblestone alleyways and discover some of the world’s most famous sites. Our walking tour starts at The Spanish Steps, one of the most atmospheric spots in Rome. From there we trace a path through the cobbled streets of the city to the colossal Trevi Fountain.  You’re in the very heart of Rome now, where narrow streets snake out in every direction.  We make our way to the Rome Pantheon. Here you’ll see Raphael’s tomb and learn the real cause of the famous artist’s death. Perhaps the most beautiful square in all of Rome, Piazza Navona is home to spectacular Renaissance buildings and Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s beautiful ”Fountain of Four Rivers”, the sculpture that saved his reputation after he almost tore St. Peter’s Basilica in half. Dinner at a local kosher restaurant

Thursday, March 8th
Breakfast followed by the Extraordinary Tour of the Castel Sant’ Angelo – Private Fortress of the Popes! Forget all the hot, overcrowded tours of the usual tourist sites.  This unique tour is such a fantastic opportunity, that you will notice many of the other visitors around us will be Italians and even Romans! What makes this visit so amazing? The Castle was first built by the mad Emperor Hadrian (in the Talmud known as Adrianus) to be his own tomb – a gigantic round mortuary with an entire artificial forest on top of it! Then, after the fall of Rome, it was ravaged by the barbarians and remodeled by the Popes to be their private fortress when the Vatican was under enemy attack. In peaceful times, the popes had it decorated and re-decorated according to their very elaborate tastes. So the huge structure is a sort of time machine – starting in the bottom at 18 centuries ago, and then working our way up through different styles and transformations. On the rooftop is the greatest view of Rome. For opera fans, this is where the last act of Puccini’s Tosca takes place – we can even show you where the diva is supposed to have jumped off the roof. For fans of the Dan Brown novel Angels and Demons, we will actually be able to show you the entrance to the forbidden Passetto – the secret escape tunnel of the popes!  You will hear stories from the Talmud and from the Renaissance, stories of our ancestors and of the scandalous carrying-on of several Popes.

En route to the airport, we will visit the Jewish Catacombs of Vigna Randanini. The catacombs were discovered in an area once known as “Vigna Randanini” between the via Appia Pignatelli and the via Appia Antica in 1859. The underground burial sites feature tombs carved into the volcanic stone. During the 3rd and 4th centuries CE the catacombs were fully developed and contained several thousand burial sites. Some sites have decorations such as flowers and animals, and also Jewish subjects such as the Ark of the Covenant and the seven-branch candelabrum.

Transfer to the airport our EL AL flight departing Rome at 21:55 arriving in Tel Aviv at 02:25 March 9th

LY 385 05 MARCH TLV-FCO 06:10-0:900  05 MARCH
L Y 384 08 MARCH FCO-TLV 21:55-02:25  09 MARCH

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Price per person for non AACI members in a double room Euro 1840
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 Price Includes:

  • Round trip flights with EL AL airlines
  • 3 nights at a luxurious 4 star hotel.
  • Breakfast in kosher restaurant daily
  • 4 restaurant lunches
  • 3 dinners in restaurant
  • Wine with dinner
  • Take away sandwiches on last day for dinner
  • Sightseeing including all entry fees
  • Special Vatican & Castel Sant’ Angelo tour with a Jewish perspective
  • AACI host
  • Local tour guide for all sightseeing
  • All tips
  • Water on the bus
  • Whispers

Price Does Not Include

  • Any items of personal nature
  • Insurance

Minimum number of participants required. Itinerary is subject to change without notice.  Please note that there are no refunds for unused services or meals. Please note this tour requires participants to walk distances and climb stairs independently.

PAYMENT: Deposit of euro 250 per person at time of reservation.

Final payment due by January 8th

Cancellation from time of registration until January 8th – Euro 150 per person
January 9th-February 1st Euro 700   per person
February 2nd-February 15th- 60% of total package
February 16th-day of departure -100% cancelation fee

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There will be an orientation session for all participants.  Date to be announced.

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