Israeli Innovation with AACI Netanya   

11 May 2017 - 11 May 2017
Locations: Soreq Nuclear Research

In honor of Isrisrael independenceael’s 69th Independence Day and following the huge success of our many trips to the Israel Intelligence Centre we have put together a day celebrating Israeli innovation, incorporating a unique opportunity to visit the Soreq Nuclear Research Center affiliated to the Israel Atomic Energy Commission. Its R&D activities include laser and electro optics, nuclear medicine, radio pharmaceutics, non-destructive testing, space components characterization and testing, crystal growth, development of innovative radiation detectors and sophisticated equipment and systems for the automatic detection and identification of contraband explosives and drugs.

From there we will take a step back in time and visit the Ayalon Institute, which tells of the fascinating and mysterious stories in the history of the struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel. Beneath the ground, and right under the nose of the British, a factory was created for the production of bullets for the Palmach fighters. The site operated under complete secrecy from 1945 until 1948, during which over four million bullets were produced. At our last stop of the day, exploring Israeli innovation, we will meet John Corrie CFO of FuturaGene technologies. He will tell us about how this Rehovot based company is helping a world challenged by growing population, diminishing resources and climate change. John will take us on tour of the laboratories and give us an inside view of developing technologies addressing critical challenges posed by plant yield enhancement.

Cost: AACI Members NIS 200, after 9/4/17 NIS 220. Price includes snack lunch of Kosher sandwiches at Soreq Nuclear Research
Depart: Young Israel, 09:00 Kikar 09:10
Return: Approx: 19:30

All Tiyulim fees include a NIS 20 cancellation fee. There is an additional fee of NIS 20 for non-members

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