Discover Ancient Roman Life in Bet She’an by Day & Night with AACI Netanya   

02 October 2017 - 02 October 2017
Locations: Bet She'an National Park, Gilboa, Ketef Shalu

bet shean national parkBet She’an National Park houses the spectacular ruins of the glory that was the Roman and Byzantine city of Bet She’an. Rising above them is the high mound on which Biblical Bet She’an stood. Our tour of this ancient city will be in two parts. In daylight hours in the afternoon we will have a guided tour of the spectacular remains and reconstruction of the Roman Theater, the ruins of the large bathhouse the Bet She’an Tel; where the remains of the buildings from the period of Egyptian rule were and a Crusader fortress. From the top of the mound there is a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

We will then visit Ketef Shaul (Shaul Mountain Lookout) on the Gilboa to hear about the battle of Shaul and his connection to the walls of Bet She’an. This spectacular lookout will be the spot for our picnic supper before returning to see the spectacular She’an Nights, featuring virtual images that give a sense of life in an exciting, vibrant city and a glimpse of thousands of years of historical events. This unique night tour regales you with a three-dimensional audiovisual presentation.

Cost:  AACI Members: NIS 225. After 10 August NIS 245. Bring your Picnic Supper
Depart: Kikar 1.00pm, Young Israel 1.10pm. Return: Approx. 11.00pm
All Tiyulim fees include a NIS 20 cancellation fee.
There is an additional fee of NIS 20 for non-members