Continuing Education/Study Tyulim   

11 September 2017 - 14 September 2017


Accommodations are 3 star; “Rabbinate Certificate”

“Learning doesn’t stop when one gets old. One gets old when one stops learning”. It was on this premise that AACI Continuing Education was initiated in 1986 and continues till today.

Participants in the 3 nights-4 day Study Tiyulim range in age fromteh 50’s through the 90’s.  some have been living in Israel for several decades, some are more recent immigrants, and others new olim and/or tourists.

Continuing education has run over 150 Study Programs over the years, covering a wide range of topics, taking us to many different places throughout Israel.  We have heard from expert lecturers and individuals who share personal experiences that are a part of the country’s history.  We have visited new and unique sites that help increase our knowledge and broaden our understanding of the land and the different people who live here; Jews, Arabs, Bedouins, Druze, Circassians, veterans and newcomers.  We have also visited ancient historic places, nature reserves, museums, universities, and met with people who have been instrumental in both the preservation and development of this land its culture.

AACI Study Tiyul #160 – Haifa Region

Tunisian_synagogueTour highlights include the recently renovated Clandestine Immigration Museum, LOD Mosaic exhibited at the Haifa Maritime Museum, Bahai visitors center and gardens, Kfar HaTikva and Tulip Winery with wine tasting, the exquisite Tunisian synagogue in Akko, Rosh Hanikra, the Hecht Museum, Beit Hagefen Arab Jewish center, and the Nahariya hospital treating injured Syrians.


Haifa:  A Colorful Mosaic of Nature, History, Culture, Co-existence, and Social Responsibility
Trip Itinerary, September 11-14, 2017

MONDAY 11/9/2017

9:00     Depart from Jerusalem
11:30   Meet other participants at Hof Hacarmel train station.
Lunch break at Azrieli Mall, Haifa

Renewed Clandestine Immigration Museum in Haifa – dedicated to telling the story of the struggle for the right to immigrate to Israel between 1934 and 1948 when the British Mandate was in effect. This is a chapter of our history that deals with clandestine Jewish immigration and the right to settle here, and is one of the cornerstones of the establishment of the State of Israel.

Lod Mosaic – A new exhibit at The National Maritime Museum in Haifa offers a wonderful opportunity to see and experience one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries in recent years. It is the first exposure of a rare mosaic found in Lod that deals with the magical world of the sea, the only footprints of mosaic builders ever discovered, and fragments of frescoes that adorned the walls of the Roman villa; there is also a miniature model of one of the mosaic ships built specifically for the exhibition.

Check-in at the Garden Hotel

18:30   Dinner at hotel

Optional visit to the Castra Art, Recreation and Shopping Center, situated inside a ravishing architectural structure. Decorated with paintings and sculptures by artist Eric Brower, the Castra Center exhibits the largest ceramic-tiled painting of its kind in the world as well as biblical scenes such as the Garden of Eden, David and Goliath, and many others. Also at the Castra Center: art galleries, an artists’ quarter (Cardo), and various kinds of art shops.

20:30   Social “get-acquainted” evening

Tuesday 12/9/2017

Beit Hagefen Arab-Jewish Center – was established in Haifa in 1963 for the purpose of bringing together Arabs and Jews and educating towards coexistence, neighborliness, and tolerance by means of cultural and artistic activities, festivals, meetings, and community activities. We will learn about the mission and programs of the center.

Kfar Hatikva and the Tulip Winery with wine tasting. The Tulip Winery is situated in a small village called Kfar Tikva (the Village of Hope). It was founded in the 1960s and designed to help those with special needs. The objective is to care for the people that society sometimes forgets − or pretends do not exist. Kfar Tikva allows them to live full and active lives with dignity. It provides each of its residents with a home, a livelihood, and the opportunity to contribute to the community. The Tulip Winery is a social enterprise that employs special-needs workers from the village. We will enjoy wine tastings while learning about the winery, the vineyards, the various wines, and the integration of the residents of Kfar Tikva into the winery’s workforce.

Lunch break at Haifa University

Hecht Museum. Guided tour of a special exhibit, The Great Revolt against the Romans – the causes of its outbreak, the divisions in Jewish society, the doomed struggle against the Roman Empire and the devastation in its wake, and many other aspects – all of which constitute one of the events that are permanently etched in the historical memory of the Jewish people. This will be followed by some free time to view the permanent thematic displays, or The Art Wing with its emphasis on Impressionism and the work of Jewish artists in the “School of Paris.” Included in this collection are paintings by Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Pissarro, Soutine, and Modigliani.

Back to hotel

18:30  Dinner at hotel

20:00 Jewish-Arab Cooperation in Haifa. The City of Haifa is unusual in the Israeli human landscape. It offers an inter-cultural expanse that constitutes a model for the coexistence of Jews and Arabs, veteran Israelis, and immigrants from the East and from the West. In the face of the many existential challenges in a multi-cultural society in general, and on the backdrop of the Jewish-Arab conflict in particular, the fabric of coexistence in Haifa that is comprised of members of diverse communities and religions creates a harmony and a unique human mosaic.  Can this model be replicated elsewhere in Israel? Speaker(s): to be announced.

Wednesday 13/9/2017

The Tunisian Synagogue in Akko is the only one of its kind in the world. It is literally covered in mosaics, both inside and out. Each of its four floors proudly displays spectacular mosaics (from Kibbutz Eilon), the result of 54 years’ work. The synagogue houses hundreds of millions of natural stones from all over Israel. The mosaics and stained-glass windows depict the history of the Jewish people and of the Land of Israel through Bible stories, flora and fauna, the IDF and more.

Rosh Hanikra is in the northwestern corner of Israel, on the Israel-Lebanon border. The white chalk cliffs offer a spectacular panoramic view of Haifa Bay, the hills of the Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea. The walking path in the heart of the cliff exposes visitors to the grottos – a spectacular natural phenomenon. Come and see nature in all its splendor.

Lunch break at the Nahariya Mall

The Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya.  An opportunity to learn first-hand about this exceptional humanitarian program for treating the wounded from Syria’s six-year civil war.

Back to hotel
18:30  Dinner at hotel
20:00 Evening presentation by Hedva Almog, deputy mayor of Haifa:  “The Future of Haifa – the Israeli City That Refuses to Hate.”

Thursday 14/9/2017

The Bahai Visitors Center, including the gardens. We will learn about the history of this community, how they came to build their world center on Mount Carmel, and the activities that take place in the buildings located within the gardens, including the shrine.

Stella Maris Monastery – observation point, plus optional visit to the monastery.
Louis Promenade − outstanding views, gorgeous gardens, plenty of seats, interesting sculptures.
Farewell luncheon at Shaalti Eli, a kosher restaurant on the beach.

13:30  Train drop-off and return to Jerusalem.            (Itinerary subject to change.)

Cost: 1950 NIS per person in a shared room, 2750 NIS in a single room (50 NIS per person additional for non-AACI members) includes: bus transportation to and from a central location in Jerusalem or a selected train station, local tour guide, half board (breakfast and dinner) for 3 nights at the boutique Garden Hotel Haifa (  and site visits. Kashrut observed. Itinerary subject to change; cancellation fees apply 1 month before departure.


For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Jeff Rothenberg at or Judy Telman at or

Participants in the AACI Study Tours travel throughout the country visiting historic sites, natural wonders, social action projects, cultural facilities, ecological programs, and more – gaining insight into the unique places, programs and people that make Israel so special. Remarkably, this program, run by volunteers, has offered 160 trips over 40 years.

Building on this rich legacy, we continue to offer the Anglo-Israeli community the opportunity to experience first-hand the many diverse facets of our homeland.  While enjoying the natural beauty and rich history of this land, and having fun traveling and learning together, we seek out programs and individuals whose passion, ingenuity and drive are making a real difference in Israeli life.

If the adventure of exploring Israel in depth and the camaraderie of like-minded active retirees appeals to you, please consider joining us on our September 11-14 trip to the Haifa region, and on future trips.

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