Continuing Education/Study Tyulim   

12 February 2018 - 15 February 2018
Study Tiyul #162 – LOFTY IDEALS – Turning dreams into reality.  AT FULL CAPACITY – WAIT LIST AVAILABLE!

Join us on an AACI Continuing Education Trip to The Galilee and Tiberias  February 12-15, 2018

Tour Highlights –

Hamat Tiverya – One of the most stunning ancient mosaics in all of Israel. 

Tiberias – tour (by bus and by foot) one of the 4 Holy Cities in Judaism.

Hula Valley Bird-Watching and Tour Even though migration season won’t begin for another few weeks, we will still be able to see a huge variety of birds, as well as the “early-birds” who begin their migration before rush hour.

Dubrovin Farm Museum/Yesod Hamaalah – learn the fascinating story of the Dubrovin family and other founders of this First Aliyah settlement.

Tel Hazor – explore this largest archaeological tel in all of Israel, using the Tanakh as our guide.

Ramot Naftali Winery – tour and Kosher wine tasting.

Sfat – meet with Jewish artists, and delve into many of the stories of Sfat, as we tour with local musicians.

Or HaGanuz – founded by the followers of Rabbi Ashlag, one of the most important and influential kabbalists in modern times.  Rabbi Ashlag, who had a chevruta with Ben Gurion, had a vision of a social structure based on and influenced by Kabbalah.  Or HaGanuz, in many ways, is the expression of that vision.

Kineret Courtyard –  where the dreams and reality of the new Zionist enterprise collided, this training farm, established during the Second Aliyah, saw some of the most important Zionist thinkers and leaders pass through its ranks. Many of the social and institutional pillars of our modern state were founded here.         

Sapir National Water Carrier Visitors’ Center – explore this fascinating infrastructure project.

Sindyanna of the Galilee visit a non-profit organization led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working to create social change from the ground up.

Cost: 1950 NIS per person in double, 2750 NIS in a single room, (50 NIS per person additional for non-AACI members)

Price includes: bus transportation and professional guide for 4 days, half board (breakfast and dinner) for 3 nights at the Golan Hotel in Tiberias, all entrance fees to sites. Kashrut observed. Itinerary subject to change; cancellation fees apply 1 month before departure.

Limited to 50 participants; SIGN UP EARLY – LAST 2 TRIPS SOLD OUT!

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Jeff Rothenberg at or Judy Telman at

Participants in the AACI Study Tours travel throughout the country visiting historic sites, natural wonders, social action projects, cultural facilities, ecological programs, and more – gaining insight into the unique places, programs and people that make Israel so special. This remarkable program, run by volunteers, has offered 160+ trips over 40 years.

Building on this rich legacy, we continue to offer the English-speaking community the opportunity to experience first-hand the many diverse facets of our homeland, and to hear various points of view.  While enjoying the natural beauty and rich history of this land, and having fun traveling and learning together, we seek out programs and individuals whose passion, ingenuity and drive are making a real difference in Israeli life.

If the adventure of exploring Israel in depth and the camaraderie of like-minded active retirees appeals to you, please consider joining us on our February 12-15, 2018 trip to the Galilee and Tiberias, and on future trips.

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