AACI’s Kosher Vietnam & Cambodia   

25 February 2019 - 14 March 2019
Locations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Siem Reap Cambodia

On this exotic and thrilling  15 day deluxe trip, you will discover the wonders of Southeast Asia with its tantalizing beauty and colors. Starting in Vietnam, famous for its lush vegetation, pagodas and bustling cities you will meet the juxtaposition of Buddhism and Communism.

Hanoi, the capital, has a rich culture with its Old Quarter, temples and market. Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) pays homage to the nation’s Communist-era leader with a huge marble mausoleum, Vietnamese War history museum and the Cu Chi tunnels.

Hue, a city in central Vietnam, and the Purple Forbidden City, once the emperor’s home. Hoi An, a former port city on the central coast famous for its well-preserved Ancient Town cut through with canals, its diverse architecture with Chinese shop-houses and temples.

Siem Reap, a resort in Northwestern Cambodia, is the gateway to the Angkor ruins, intricate stone buildings include Angkor Wat, the main temple and mysterious faces carved into the Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom.

AACI’s Kosher Vietnam and Cambodia – A deluxe and exotic tour.

Full itinerary and costs will be posted shortly.

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