AACI Study Trip to Central Israel   


Anticipated trip highlights:

  • Achim L’Chaim – Meet with inspirational wounded IDF veterans through Brothers for Life at Beit Ha’Achim in Kfar Truman.
  • Yeminite Heritage Center – see the impressive media displays portraying the 700-year journey of Yemenite Jews to Israel.
  • Israel Police Heritage Centre & Museum – discover the history of Israel, as seen through the eyes of its law-enforcement officers. The guides, all active and experienced police officers, bring history alive and help the audience experience some of the challenges, which Israel’s finest faced throughout the years.
  • Barkan Winery Visitors Center – located at the heart of a 500 acres vineyard, the visitors center offers a fully sensual experience ending with tastings of a selection of wines produced in the winery.
  • A walk along the beach at the Palmachim Reserve – one of the last remaining stretches of seashore in Israel that is still in its natural state, the reserve is home to many plants and animals, forms part of the habitat of the sea turtle, a species that is in danger of extinction throughout the Mediterranean basin and includes the remains of the ancient port city of Yavne-Yam.
  • The Karaite Center in Ramla – located in a complex housing ​​the oldest synagogue in the world where people are still praying, discover the origins and history of this unique community that has lived in Jerusalem since the 8th century, and its strong contribution to preserving the Bible and the Hebrew language.
  • The Great Mosque of Ramla and/or Shuk Ramla – erected in the 12th century as a Christian church, and converted into a mosque in 1256, this is one of the few Crusader buildings in Israel to have survived almost completely intact. Adjacent to the mosque is the city’s colorful fruits and vegetables market that allows a taste of a mixed Jewish – Arab city.
  • The Pool of Arches in Ramle- enjoy a tour of this beautiful 8th-century underground aqueduct by gondola.
  • Meet with local residents to learn about life in the mixed city of Lod
  • Bustan Shushan – in the center of the country, is a magical orchard full of exotic fruit trees from all corners of the world. The orchard offers an opportunity to taste the vegetation of the Land of Israel along with special exotic fruits from trees originating across the globe.
  • Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind – provides guide dogs for people who are visually impaired, PTSD service dogs for veterans and soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Emotional Support dogs for children on the autism spectrum or others with special needs – meet these special pups and their trainers.
  • Bet HaAdot – The Testimony House Museum –  in the Israeli village of Nir Galim, is this unique realization of the burning passion of a group of Holocaust survivors to share their first-hand experiences with future generations.
  • Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve – view the largest and most beautiful stalactites-stalagmites cave in Israel.
  • Hashmonean Museum – recently opened, this new museum presents the story of Modiin from the time of the Hasmonean Family until the establishment of the modern city.

With identical itineraries, bus 1 will tour May 1-4, 2023, with Jeff Rothenberg; while bus 2 will tour May 8-11, 2023 under the adept leadership of Ivor David.

Cost is 2850 NIS per person in a shared double room, or 3900 NIS for a single room (200 NIS per person or 300 NIS per couple additional for non-AACI members) and includes bus transportation from Jerusalem and within the Central Region, a professional English-language tour guide for 4 days, half board (breakfast and dinner) and lodging for 3 nights at the scenic Neve Ilan Hotel ( ), and entrance fees to sites. Kashrut & Ministry of Health rules observed.

Popular Tour Guide: Aliza Avshalom

These trips often sell out quickly. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so please register early to avoid disappointment.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Jeff Rothenberg at  and specify your preferred week.