AACI Study Trip to Ashkelon, Sderot and the Gaza Border Communities   

09 December 2019 - 12 December 2019

Highlights include:

  • Explore the Ashkelon National Park, situated on a high range of sandstone cliffs with a beach on one side and golden sand dunes on the other. At this site, the 5,000 years of the city’s history are evident to the eye and capture the soul. Visit the Canaanite city gate – the oldest arched gate of its kind in the world, built in approximately 1800 BC (the middle Canaanite Period).
  • At the Carlsberg IBBL Visitors Center visit the museum on the history of beer, which exhibits ancient vessels, engravings, and more. Followed by an interactive film about the company in the state-of-the-art auditorium and a guided tour of the factory, ending with a tasting of the local brew.
  • Aleh Negev is the only facility in the Negev that works with the most severely handicapped children, from all faiths and backgrounds. We will hear and see the amazing work that do and meet with leading professionals.
  • Experience the Salad Trail sensation – Israel’s tastiest attraction. A unique touch-and-taste farm in the northern Negev, to learn all about the advancements and innovations in agricultural technology and then pick and eat vegetables straight from the fields and greenhouses.
  • Visit the Halutza Region – located at the border of Gaza and Sinai. 10 years ago, the region was desolate; today it is the fastest growing area of the region and is home to four communities, yeshivot, schools, agriculture and more. We will meet with the founder of the one of the communities and tour the area to learn about pioneering Zionism. Following the tour, we will stop at the studio of a local artist who turns rockets into roses.
  • Look out over the border with Gaza and a hear a security briefing and strategic overview of the Southern Region from the Black Arrow Observation point into Gaza with former IDF spokesperson and geopolitical expert Col. Res. Miri Eisin.
  • Delve into the complex reality of Sderot as you visit the JNF 21,000-square-foot secure indoor playground and community center, Israel’s largest such facility. The facility was constructed in an old textile warehouse and retrofitted with 300 tons of steel. Play areas double as bomb shelters, ensuring that all occupants can quickly reach safety in the event of a Code Red rocket alert
  • Visit Moshav Netiv Ha’asarah, located on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip, hear from local resident Tzameret Zamir about her “Peace Wall” initiative. Create your own piece of mosaic and add it to the wall.

Cost: 2150 NIS/person in a double room; 3050 NIS for a single room (50 NIS/person additional for non-AACI members).

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Price includes: bus transportation and professional English-language tour guide for 4 days, half board (breakfast and dinner) and lodging for 3 nights at the Leonardo Ashkelon Hotel  and all entrance fees to sites. Kashrut observed. Cancellation fees apply 1 month before departure.

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Jeff Rothenberg at