AACI Netanya Tiyul – Secrets, Spies & Video Tapes   

21 December 2017 - 21 December 2017

top secretNear a cinema multiplex and a non- descript highway junction outside Tel Aviv is the place where
Israel’s secrets go when they get old. The Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center
(IICC) is devoted to shedding light on some of the more secretive chapters in Israel’s history. Its mission is to honor, remember and preserve information about members of Israel’s intelligence agencies, and to commemorate the fallen from all branches of Israeli Intelligence. The Center, a nongovernmental organization, was created in response to public pressure for more transparency.

During our visit we will see two films: The Power of Knowledge, which describes the process through
which the Intelligence community manages current threats; and an historical documentary film which tells of the IICC’s involvement in the rescues of Jewish communities in peril in Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Ethiopia and other regions.

From there we will visit the Terror Exhibition Display which illustrates tangible threats, propaganda, the perpetuation of hate and the Intelligence war against terrorism. After our lunch break we shall hear veterans of the Intelligence community telling stories of missions in which they were involved. To end our visit our guide will take us on a walk through the Commemoration Maze.

Please bring your own sandwiches for lunch. There will be coffee, tea and biscuits throughout the day.

Cost AACI Members: NIS 130
After 16 November NIS 140
Depart: Young Israel 9.00am Kikar 9.10am  Return: Approx. 4.30pm

To register please contact our Box Office: 09 8330950

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