AACI Lapland and all its Glory   

13 February 2019 - 19 February 2019
Locations: Rovaniemi

Join AACI for a picturesque adventure like no other, magical and ethereal snow safari experience with Husky dogsled rides, an icebreaker and snowmobiles.

Visit the Artikum in Rovaniemi, built like a glass tube, where you can learn about the Lapp history and culture. View the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, great tundra’s, frozen lakes and see stunning and breathtaking landscapes.

Have a drink at the Snow Hotel, go ice fishing, visit the Ice Palace, sail on the Baltic Sea on a real icebreaker! Listen to the lore of this being Santa’s home.

An unbelievable once in a lifetime experience to another world that you will remember forever!

Full itinerary and costs will be posted shortly.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Carole Kremer: /02-5600910