AACI 14 night Iceland Cruise   

August 21 – September 6, 2023 

In addition to this amazing cruise, spend 2 days in Copenhagen  at a 4* hotel, full board including tours. Thereafter board the cruise ship for a fascinating experience of culture, nature and visiting beautiful and spectacular cities and towns, breathtaking landscapes, fishing villages and unique natural phenomena. Enjoy freshly cooked kosher gourmet meals on board and an organized trip with an Israeli guide attached throughout the trip.  A kosher supervisor will oversea all food preparations on board ship, an accompanying Israeli guide from the country and shore tours in English at all ports of call.

Itinerary subject to change:

Date Destination Arrive Depart
Monday August 21 Copenhagen Tour (overnight)
Tuesday August 22 Copenhagen Tour (overnight)
Wednesday August 23 Copenhagen tour & cruise departure, Denmark  4:00PM
Thursday August 24 Day at Sea
Friday August 25 South Queensferry (Edinburgh), Scotland 7:00AM 5:00PM
Saturday August 26 Lerwick, Shetland Islands, 10:00AM 6:00PM
Sunday August 27 Day at Sea
Monday August 28 Akureyri, Iceland; Scenic Cruising Eyjafjordur 11:00AM 8:00PM
Tuesday August 29 Isafjordur, Iceland ;Scenic Cruising Isafjardurdjur 8:00AM 5:00PM
Wednesday August 30 Grundarfjordur, Iceland; Scenic Cruising Isafjardurdjur 8:00AM 4:00PM
Thursday August 31 Reykjavik, Iceland 8:00AM 11:00PM
Friday September 1 Day at Sea
Saturday September 2 Djupivogur, Iceland; Scenic Cruising Berufjordur 7:00AM 2:00PM
Sunday September 3 Runavik, Faroe Islands 8:00AM 5:00PM
Monday September 4 Day at Sea
Tuesday September 5 Kristiansand, Norway 7:00AM 4:00PM
Wednesday September 6 Copenhagen, Denmark 7:00AM

Initial cruise itinerary (subject to change):

Day 1: Tel Aviv – Copenhagen, Denmark
We will meet at the group counter (3rd floor, gate 32) for a short registration, and immediately after that we will take off on a flight with a stopover to Copenhagen. After landing, we will go on a tour of the amazing city and the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the largest city in Scandinavia, a beautiful and lively city with squares, canals and fountains Beautiful, spacious parks, and impressive buildings. During the tour we will see the Christiansborg Fortress where the Danish Parliament is located, the statue of the Little Mermaid, the symbol of Copenhagen, Gafion Fountain, the Cathedral, the Royal Palace, Nyhavn Canal and more.

Travel to the hotel to receive the rooms and rest.

Day 2 (Wednesday): Copenhagen, Denmark. Boarding the ship.
After breakfast at the hotel, we will check out and go out to absorb more of this magical city. Towards noon we will make our way towards the cruise port. After the check-in procedure, we board the luxury ship of the Holland America company – ms Nieuw Statendam, for a dream cruise of 14 nights to Scotland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Norway.

Day 3 (Thursday): Fun day at the sea
A free day to enjoy the various ship facilities, such as the pool, the spa, the casino, the kosher meals, and the guide’s lecture. The Holland America company has been picking up international awards for many years in several categories including the service and culinary fields and for us as a kosher cruise we will be able to enjoy this high culinary level.

Day 4 (Friday): Queensferry (Edinburgh), Scotland
This morning we will anchor in the city of Queensferry, which is 20 minutes away from Edinburgh in Scotland. The city that was established in the 14th century has served as the autonomous capital of Scotland since 1999. Both parts of the city, the old and the new city, have been declared a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO. The Edinburgh Festival, held every year in the city, is considered the largest art festival in the world!

After we get off the ship, we begin our tour by car and on foot in the old city of Edinburgh. We will tour the Royal Mile area that stretches from the impressive Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyrood House. We will tour the impressive citadel and see objects that have belonged to the Scottish royal family for generations. Next, we will see the largest cathedral in Scotland St. Giles Cathedral and the state’s modern parliament building. We will wander through the picturesque alleys of the city and enjoy the special atmosphere that prevails in them. We will continue to the second and newer part of the city that was built starting in the 18th century. We will tour the Princess Street Gardens public park from where we can view the impressive Edinburgh Castle, we will continue to George Street, a shopping and entertainment area where we can walk around at our leisure and feel the city. If there is time, we will have a beautiful view of the city from the top of Calton Hill. We will return to the ship to get ready for Shabbat.  A festive and unique Friday night awaits us with candle lighting, Shabbat reception, Kiddush and Shabbat meal as usual on the Holland America luxury liner.

Day 5 (Saturday): Lerwick, Shetland Islands
Shabbat rest is for us and a unique opportunity to rest on the ship. After the Shabbat prayer and the delicious Shabbat meals, we can take advantage of the day to rest, read and even hear a lecture.

Day 6 (Sunday): Fun day at the sea
Another free day. We start the week with the opportunity to enjoy the ship’s various facilities, such as the pool, the spa, the casino, the kosher meals, and another lecture by the guide, and all this while the ship sails towards our next destination – Iceland, spectacular in its beauty and the natural treasures that are treasured within.

Day 7 (Monday): Akureyri, Iceland
This morning we anchored in Akureyri, the “capital of the north” of the Icelandic Island and the second largest city in the country after Reykjavik. The city has only 18 thousand inhabitants, a “big” city in Icelandic terms, and is an important cultural and economic center for the entire population of North Iceland.

After getting off the ship we will go on an experiential trip. We will understand why Iceland is the largest “geological laboratory” in the world. We will also we tour the volcanic sites unique to this island.

We will drive towards Lake Myvatn, which is in the center of an active geological area and observe closely the waterfowl that gather around it and geothermal phenomena such as bubbling mud, jets of steam rising from the earth, sulfur springs and volcanic craters simulating the landscape of the moon’s surface. We will also climb to the heights of Mount Viti – a volcanic crater with a hot water lake inside and if time permits we will visit a geothermal plant that uses hot water to generate electrical energy.

Later in the day we will visit the Godafos waterfall, one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in Iceland, which also has a significance in local history: in 1000 AD, the statues of the Norse gods were thrown into the gushing waterfall after the Icelandic nation accepted the Christian religion.

At the end of our fascinating tour we will return to Akureyri and get back on the ship for the rest of the voyage.

Day 8 (Tuesday): Isfjordur, Iceland
This morning we anchor in the picturesque town of Isafjordur, considered the “capital of the western fjords” of Iceland. The town has always been an important fishing center and you can see several fish preservation factories in and around it. In recent years, the place has also become an important tourist site thanks to the natural sites and the landscape in its surroundings.  A local folk museum was built there, which presents the oldest preserved house in Iceland, built in 1734. At the center of our tour will be a visit to a unique waterfall, the “pyramid waterfall” – Dynjandi ” in Icelandic. It is a series of 7 waterfalls that fall from the top of the mountain and together form a fan shape at a height of about 100 meters. The view around is breathtaking and unforgettable.  At the end of our tour we will return on the road that passes through a beautiful view to the town of Isfjordur and walk through its streets before boarding the ship.

Day 9 (Wednesday): Grundfjordur, Iceland
On this tour of the Snaefellsnes peninsula, we will embark on an unforgettable adventure in which we will experience the sights of nature and its breathtaking landscapes in all their glory. We will start with a scenic drive towards Helgafell – a rocky hill 240 meters high, at the foot of which was once the temple of the Viking god – Thor.  Hence it is named the Holy Mountain. We will continue our journey, through magnificent landscapes, to Stykkisholmur, the largest town on the peninsula, founded in 1550, and used as a commercial and tourist center. While passing through the city, we will see the traditional Icelandic houses.

Day 10 (Thursday): Reykjavik, Iceland
In the morning we will anchor in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik and have a fascinating tour of the city and its surroundings.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is considered the northernmost capital in the world and is home to about half of the entire population of Iceland – about one hundred and forty thousand people. The city is surprising in its cosmopolitanism, and you can find modern shopping centers alongside traditional and colorful wooden houses. The city has several important attractions that we will see during our tour.

We will tour the “Golden Triangle” route – the most famous and well-known hiking route in Iceland.

First, we will arrive at Thingvellir National Park where the oldest and first parliament in the world is located, established in 930 CE! The park, which is also a “World Heritage Site” of UNESCO, is the only place on earth where you can both watch and walk, between two tectonic plates that are raised above the surface of the earth!  One is in the Americas and the other in Europe.  The park also has waterfalls,pools, an interesting church and more. At the end of the special tour, we will go to see the Gulfoss waterfall, which is among the most famous of the thousands of waterfalls in Iceland and flows into the Hvita river. The river flows with great and impressive power and falls sharply into a narrow and deep basaltic canyon with a loud noise. An amazing experience! When the sun shines, you can also see a spectacular rainbow over the waterfall.

If time permits, the next stop will be the Geysers Park. This is a hot springs park where boiling water and steam shoot out from the ground under great pressure. We will see the famous geyser – Geysir and another geyser that is even more active – Strukur.  It erupts every 10 minutes or so!

At the end of the day of the trip, full of experiences we will return to the ship.

Day 11 (Friday): Fun day at sea
Another free day. Another opportunity to enjoy the ship’s various facilities, such as the pool, the spa, the casino, the kosher meals, and another lecture by the guide. Getting ready for Shabbat, a festive and unique Friday night awaits us with candle lighting, Shabbat reception, Kiddush, and Shabbat meal.

Day 12 (Saturday): Diopjögur, Iceland
Shabbat rest is for us and a unique opportunity to rest on the ship. After the Shabbat prayer with great pomp and the delicious Shabbat meals, we can take advantage of the day to rest, read and even hear a lecture. In the afternoon hours after the Shabbat meal, we recommend that you go to the upper deck and watch the ship sail through a breathtaking natural wonder. We sail in the fjord called Berufjordur, which is surrounded by mountains, flowing waterfalls and green forests, which creates a magical sailing experience. The calm waters of the fjord are home to a wide variety of Marine life, from playful seals to majestic whales, and a spectacular cruise along it offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness these creatures in their natural habitat. Sit back, relax and let the beauty of this incredible fjord wash over you as you experience one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. Mincha prayer and a third meal accompanied by singing will be followed by evening prayer and a festive Havdalah.

Day 13 (Sunday): Runavik, Faroe Islands
This morning we will anchor in the city of Runavik in the Faroe Islands group located in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Iceland and Norway. The Faroe Islands are a remote archipelago known for their unique landscapes, charming villages, and rich artistic traditions. The city of Runavik was founded in 1916 and has about 4000 inhabitants. The 18 Faroe Islands have only 50,000 inhabitants and are not usually visited by tourists but have been known for their fishing tradition since the Viking era and today play an important role in the oil industry in the North Sea. After anchoring, we will go on a tour of several attractions located on the islands: we will go to Vagar Island and visit two attractions: the picturesque Sorvagsvatn lake, we will go to see the Gasadalur waterfall located at the end of the island near an isolated settlement. The sight is one of a kind: the waterfall spills into the ocean and behind it there is a village and green mountains.  If time allows later we will go to the village of Gjogv located in the north of the island of Esturoy whose name means “channel”. We will take a short walk out of the village for a view from above of the connection of the river channel to the ocean. We will return to the pier in the town of Runavik and tour it as much as time allows.

Day 14 (Monday): Fun day at the sea
Another free day. Another opportunity to enjoy the ship’s various facilities, such as the pool, the spa, the casino, the kosher meals, and another lecture. We are sailing towards Norway.

Day 15 (Tuesday): Kristiansand, Norway
Kristiansand was founded by King Christian IV of Denmark-Norway in 1641. The city center has been preserved in the square orm of the Renaissance period. The tour will pass through all the main points of the city such as: the fish market, the old city, the Christiansholm fortress built between 1662 and 1672, the West Edgar Museum which is under the sky (no admission) and more. The Kristiansand area has more sunny days than anywhere else in Scandinavia and the town’s smooth rocky beaches are ideal for those who like to sunbathe. Kristiansand is also considered by Norwegians to be the most sought-after area for vacations. The Utra River which crosses the city center is mainly known for the amount of salmon that live in it. The water of this river is very clean, like the sea in and around the city and that is why the sea in Kristiansand is so popular. We will return to the ship for a celebratory dinner in honor of the end of the cruise and then we will have a summary meeting with the guide.

Day 16 (Wednesday): Copenhagen, Denmark
After docking at the port of Copenhagen we will take a panoramic tour of the city and according to the schedule we will go to the airport and fly back to Israel.

Notes and highlights
The listing of the main sites does not constitute a full commitment to the actual visit, but a description of the main sites in the travel destinations. The route below is only a plan and without a final and absolute commitment that it will be carried out in the order written. Some visits depend on the weather. It is possible that due to circumstances beyond our company’s control, we will not be able to visit all the sites listed.


Per Person dbl
group flight from Israel
Per Person dbl w/out flights. Single person cabin group flight from Israel Single person cabin w/out flights
Interior $8,800 $8,200 $11,550 $10,950
Oceanview $9,700 $9,100 $13,200 $12,600
Balcony $10,300 $9,700 $14,350 $13,750

*non-group transfer from airport not included.  (Add $75 per person for Non-AACI Members)

The Price Includes:

  • Kosher full board.
  • 2 nights full board Copenhagen/Sandwiches for lunch.
  • 14-night cruise / full board plus sandwiches on land tour days.
  • All transfers abroad (for those arriving on group flight)
  • Land excursions
  • All port charges and taxes.
  • Tips (not including ship gratuities)
Not Included:
  • Flights
  • COVID Tests
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal items
  • Ship gratuities
  • Spa treatments
  • Any items not included in program
  • Cruise ship – tips not included

The program and itinerary is subject to change without notice. Minimum participation is required.
Please note some tours may include strenuous walking.


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